Oroma Foundation is a non-profit organization with a vision of a better world for everyone, everywhere. We are working with underprivileged communities around the globe to help improve their living conditions and support them with the necessary tools to improve their lives.

We know that “dreams don’t work unless you do” and are committed to turn our visions into a reality.

“Join us in our efforts to transform lives”


Through our project “Water to the people” we have managed to bring clean, safe water to a community of 2500 people, in the remote village of Gongo, in eastern Tanzania. We have installed a water well, alongside multiple storage containers in the center of the village, where locals will have easy access to safe, clean water. This is considered as Phase I of the project, that is now moving towards Phase II, the implementation of improved sanitation and hygiene facilities in the community.


Our main mission is to stand with the poor and the forgotten and help improve their living conditions, wherever they may be. We are working alongside the communities to identify the most crucial issues they face and jointly decide on the most suitable solution for them. 


One of the most fundamental problems faced by many communities around the world, is the lack of clean water and proper sanitation. We want to change this for as many people as possible.


We focus on community empowerment through the elimination of poverty, improvement of health and development of skills and education.


We envision a world with greater equality of opportunities where communities have the tools to improve themselves, unlock their potential and create a better future for generations to come.


Easter Hunt for Orοma Foundation

Oroma Foundation in a collaboration with “Young Volunteers” are organizing an easter fundraising event with the name «Easter Hunt for Orοma Foundation». The event will take place in Acropolis Park...
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“Water to the People” Phase I Completion!

It fills us with so much joy to see our oromas (dreams) come to life!! Phase I of our “Water to the People” project has been completed and we couldn’t...
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Something’s Cooking…

Morning meeting members of the “Young Volunteers” and the Strovolos Mayor mr. Andreas Papacharalambous as well as officials of the Municipality of Strovolos. A new project is on its way,...
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