who we are


“Oroma Foundation” is a non-profit registered in Cyprus. Our name originates from the ancient Greek word “oro” (“I see”) and is used in the Cypriot dialect to mean “to dream”. Our logo represents this dream, a journey of hope for a better future for every living being and its ecosystem.

This journey originated out of wanderlust and curiosity to explore and discover places very different than where we were used to. This brought our founders to lands of unimaginable beauty and unique individuals, but at the same time places of extreme poverty and injustice. We have been involved and implemented projects in Nepal, India and Tanzania with great success, prior to the creation of oroma.

With the realization that global inequality can be reduced by paying a small amount of “rent for our room here on earth” as the great Mohammed Ali described, service to others, we decided to create oroma and put our efforts under a more professional and official roof.


Our efforts aim at a future where even the poorest have the same opportunities to improve and develop their communities into an environment where future generations can flourish. Our vision is to build long-lasting relationships with communities and work alongside them to achieve a better future for them and for generations to come.


We are committed to improving the living conditions for underprivileged communities around the world, by providing them with the best possible opportunities to grow and reach their full potential. We focus on community empowerment through the elimination of poverty, improvement of health and development of skills and education.


Our approach is rooted in community-led development, as local ownership is vital to the sustainability of our projects. We work with local experts and community members to find the best possible solution, tailored to the needs and capabilities of each location. Each project establishes community-based structures for the maintenance and management of the solution. This way we are increasing the longevity of the project and securing its success. Our aim is to be a force for change and development in these communities by involving more like-minded individuals in our efforts.