The second phase of our project will focus on the creation of a sewerage system and the installation of toilets, since at the moment there is no such an infrastructure. The selected system has been decided in collaboration with the Gongo community as well as with the on-site charity organization “SANA – Saving Africa’s Nature” which is a valuable partner for us in this project from beginning. This collaboration arose for the better communication and implementation of our projects in the area. We have worked excellently together in the implementation of the first phase of the project.

The sewerage system will be completely biological and will be based on the idea of composting feces, so that it can be avoided the repetitive and continuous cleaning of the waste pit. For the purposes of composting, we will be using a specific species of worm, called “tiger worm”, which feeds on feces and produces a kind of compote which makes cleaning the sewer not only easier but also less frequent. These toilets have proven to be the most suitable for conditions such as those in rural Tanzania.

Our mission is to fund the construction of 6 to 10 toilets of this type in different parts of the village, making their use more accessible and easier for all the people of Gongo. The exact number of them, will depend on the final amount collected from our activities. In addition, we also aim in implementation of eco hand wash stations outside of each toilet and thus enhancing hygiene in the village.

The completion of “Water to the People” will bring true change to the village of Gongo, since a big part of their needs for clean water will have been fulfilled, and sanitation and hygiene in the community will improve their living conditions immensely.